One minute with Jason and Katie of Midnight Lights and it's pretty clear that even though they don't believe in fairy-tale romance, that's exactly what they have. Knowing eachother since the 7th grade, and married and performing together for almost 10 years could explain their electric chemistry on stage and the authenticity in their lyrics. Their relationship impacts everything about them – from their song-writing to their live performance. To those who ask what it's like to work alongside your spouse, the duo says this:

"Katie is more than my wife - she's my best friend. We don't pretend that it's always been easy making music together, but I wouldn't want to do this without her." says Jason. 

"Plus, it's simply indescribable to look back on such amazing memories and performances and see Jason beside me in every one." adds Katie.


For Midnight Lights, music is about honesty, exploration, and not caring what "box" their music fits in to. Pushing the boundaries of the country genre, they write songs inspired by anything and everything – from beat-driven pop to old school country gospel. For them, writing songs starts at the keys or with a guitar and something on their hearts. Maybe that dedication to genuineness in thier music and lives is what brought about their 2018 ACMA nomination for Group or Duo of the year, or why they were one of Alberta's top 12 in the Project Wild Country Artist Development program in 2016 & 2018. 


After almost a decade of marriage, an EP (Elements, 2016), and a single ("Shipwreck", 2018), Katie & Jason welcomed their daughter Rosie to the world in January of 2019. Now, the duo is preparing for a return to the stage and the release of their compelling and powerfully moving ballad "Gone Like a Ghost". Their down-to-earth nature is expressed in their upcoming release and speaks to the fact that their kindness and heart isn't an act, but who they truly are as people.

"The road ahead is so exciting because our new music reveals both the best of us and our vulnerabilites" gushes Katie. "It's our hope that people listen and just kind of think of us as their friendly neighbours from down the street who love to make music."



Growing up in a community of faith, Jason and Katie are avid philanthropists who can often be found using their music to help those in need. Through the sale of their song “Long Gone” they have raised $6000 for the couple battling cancer that the song was written about.  They’ve supported many charitable organizations over the years including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Rivers of Hope Orphanage (Haiti), Peace River Rotary House Health Centre, Victim’s Services, the SPCA, and many more.